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Editorial Team

Neave ONeave O'Clery

Neave, originally from Dublin, is currently a Fulbright Scholar and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Center for International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School. Neave received her PhD in Mathematics from Imperial College London, and was previously an MSc student at Lincoln College, Oxford following her undergraduate studies at University College Dublin. Neave is current Editor in Chief and co-founder of A Global Village.

Georgia Lockwood EstrinGeorgia Lockwood Estrin
Deputy Editor, Editorial

Georgia is currently in her final year for her PhD in Clinical Neuroscience at Imperial and King's College London. Her focus is on perinatal imaging, with a specific interest in white matter tract development. She is actively interested in the pursuit for global health equality, with a specific interest in global mental health.

Hannah NissanHannah Nissan
Section Editor, Energy & Environment

Hannah is a postdoctoral scientist at Imperial College. She received her PhD in climate modelling from Imperial, after conducting postgraduate studies in Economics at Queens' College, Cambridge and an undergraduate studies in Physics from the University of Bristol. Hannah is interested in the impacts of climate variability and change on society, and conducts research on climate modelling, wind energy and soil erosion. Prior to joining A Global Village she worked for the Scottish Government and the International Energy Agency.

Nadia Tyler-RubinsteinNadia Tyler-Rubinstein
Section Editor, Global Health

Nadia is currently in the final year of a PhD in Clinical Sciences at Imperial College, having previously completed a BSc in Molecular Biology at the University of Manchester. Her work focuses on diabetes and obesity research. As Global Health section editor, she is interested in health issues and innovative health technologies.

Anusha SeneviratneAnusha Seneviratne
Section Editor, Development & Economics

Anusha is a postdoctoral scientist at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College. She completed a PhD in cardiovascular disease at Imperial following postgraduate studies in cardiovascular science and undergraduate studies in Biomedical Sciences, also at Imperial. Her research investigates the effect of the anti-diabetic drug Metformin on vascular disease cell biology.  

Siân WilliamsSiân Williams
Assistant Editor, Energy & Environment

Siân is a final-year PhD student in the Space and Atmospheric Physics group and the Grantham Institute at Imperial College. Her research focuses on understanding the causes of dust storms using satellite data. Prior to her PhD, she carried out research at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and the UK Met Office, and worked as a science teacher at a secondary school in Shepherds Bush, London. 

Dominik WeissDominik Weiss
Assistant Editor, Energy & Environment

Prof Dominik Weiss is researcher in Environmental Geochemistry at Imperial College London.  He received his master’s degree in Natural Sciences from the ETH Zürich and his PhD degree in Geochemistry from the University of Bern. After two years of post doctoral work at MIT he joined the faculty at Imperial College London in 2000.  His group is studying the chemistry and the role of trace elements in various Environmental and Earth System processes.  Dominik has a long-standing interest in capacity building and environmental problems in developing countries. He is working in South America, Africa and South Asia on a wide variety of problems including past climate change, soil chemistry and water quality. 

Past Team Members

Yaqub ChaudharyYaqub Chaudhary
Section Editor, Technology

Yaqub is in the final year of a PhD with the Plastic Electronics Doctoral Training Centre in the Physics Department of Imperial College having previously completed an MEng in Electronic Engineering. In previous years, he has chaired the Imperial College Union Political Philosophy Society.

Antonio TorrisiAntonio Torrisi
Design Editor

Antonio has graduated with the MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College London and a PhD in Chemistry from University College London (UCL). He has worked as Post -Doctoral Research Associate in Materials Modelling at UCL and as Research Scientist for Darlow Smithson Production. He has been writing several contributions for Opticon1826, I, Science, Reporter, and Felix.

Eftychios HadjittofisEftychios Hadjittofis
Design and Graphics

Efty is a fourth year undergraduate Chemical Engineering student, specialising at mathematical modelling of chemical and biological systems. He has a particular interest in Politics and Global Affairs. 

Kajaluxy AnanthanKajaluxy Ananthan
Assistant Team Member

Kajaluxy is studying 4th year undergraduate Medicine at Imperial College London. She currently does editing and is a general team member. 

Cong Sheng

Lars Bergemann
Deputy Editor

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Alexandra Abel

Alexandra is a graduate from the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London. She has a particular interest in Global Health and Performance Science. Follow her on Twitter @alexandraabel.