A Global Village
Issue 1

Note from the editors

Neave O'Clery & Cong Sheng, Imperial College London

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the first edition of ‘A Global Village’, Imperial College’s new publication on International Affairs from the IC Model United Nations Society.

The initial idea behind the publication of this journal was to encourage members of the IC Model United Nations Society, and other Imperial College societies, to write pieces rooted in conference experience. We felt that the breadth of knowledge acquired from both pre-conference research and participation in international-level debate would allow our contributors to compose an informed analysis of many of the problems facing the world today.

As interest in this project grew we saw that a great many Imperial students were passionate about global issues from population control to climate adaption and the situation in Iran. We had submissions from students with diverse academic and personal backgrounds, many of whom had no connection whatsoever to MUN.

We hope that ‘A Global Village’ will continue to grow and capture the interest of the Imperial College community and beyond.

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