A Global Village
Issue 2

Note from the Editor

Neave O'Clery, Imperial College London

We are very happy to welcome you to the second issue of ‘A Global Village’. Much has happened since the first issue was published in January 2010. Notably, we have become an independent publication under the Imperial College Union in order to ensure that we establish a sustainable journal with a broad contributor base and readership throughout the College. 

This issue sees our contributors tackle a range of pressing global issues. These range from creative solutions to climate change through geo-engineering, to challenges met by the aid community in the Western Sahara – and the future of global healthcare, Cuban-style! Following on from a discussion on the need for ‘adaptation to climate change’ in the last issue, our insider at Copenhagen exposes what happened and why. Turning to European issues, our contributors consider the implications for Europe as Ukraine turns towards Russia following the recent Presidential elections and ask, in the wake of the Greek crisis, what new powers have been bestowed upon the European Union by the Lisbon Treaty.

Finally, we would like to express a warm thank you to Prof. Alan Fenwick OBE and the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative for their generous support of this publication – we hope you enjoy reading it!

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