A Global Village
Issue 5

Note from the Editor

Neave O’Clery, Imperial College London

A Global Village grew out of a void: many Imperial College students and researchers are interested in the world around them, and using their skills and knowledge to tackle global challenges – and, as we saw it, there seemed to be an opportunity to bring this knowledge and experience to a broader audience. We had no idea at the time, however, the sweat and tears that it would entail to grow into a serious publication, and the financial and logistical challenges we would continue to face. Now, over a year later, it is time to reflect on where we came from, and where we are going. What does the future hold for AGV?

The answer is simple. As the world looks to government and academia to tackle impeding global crises in food distribution, population size and climate change, evidence-based policy-making must increasingly form the basis of action. At the centre of translational science, the Imperial College community is ideally placed to be at the forefront of this movement. AGV has evolved to lie in this niche: we aim to fuse real science with debate on how we should tackle those big issues in a global context, and this is where the future lies.

Issue 5 focuses on the very essence of global health, our Right to Health as a human right. Our contributors argue for reform of the medicines patent system, enabling access to essential drugs for all, and look at the challenges in delivering trauma care in developing countries. As the aid debate continues to rage, we ask can randomised trials offer an evidence-based solution to determining what really works? And, can a shared value approach supersede corporate social responsibility in driving development for-profit?

As extremes dominate the agricultural debate, our contributors question whether the middle ground is not more constructive. Uncertainty in climate change projections, and the need to build flexibility into responses, is the theme of two articles: the first focusing on water resources, and the second on parallels with business innovation. We ask the big questions, and challenge our contributors to answer them – they have truly delivered for Issue 5.
Last, but not least, many thanks go to Imperial College Union for their logistical and financial support during the past year – we now officially exist, and that’s all down to you!

Neave O'Clery is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of A Global Village

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